Undergraduate FAQ's

how do i apply for graduation?

It is recommended that students apply to graduate 3 semesters before their anticipated graduation date. Visit https://advising.osu.edu/applying-graduation for information. Also, fill must fill out the Graduation Application.

how do i calculate my gpa?

Use this GAP Calculator.

how do i contact my department advisor?

If you are in the Agribusiness and Applied Economics major, your advisor is Kassie KurzhalsKatie Miller is the academic advisor for EEDS.

how do i view my degree audit?

To view your degree audit, you will need to sign into your Buckeyelink account, and then follow the directions listed here.

how do i find schedule planner?

To view Schedule Planner, you will need to sign into your Buckeyelink account, and then follow the directions listed here.

how do i get my internship approved/apply for internship credits?

In order to receive credit for your internship, you will need to enroll in FAES 3191 (a 0-credit course) that you will take during your internship and AEDE 3191 (a 2-credit course) that you will take the semester after you complete your internship. To enroll in these courses, please contact Dr. Parkman for permission to enroll.For more information on internship requirements and/or FAES and AEDE 3191, see this packet. If you have questions about whether or not your internship will count for AEDE internship credit, email Kassie Kurzhals at or Dr. Parkman. *If you have questions/concerns about your internship related to COVID19, please contact Kassie Kurzhals or Dr. Parkman ASAP*.

Which courses do i need to take to fulfill the agribusiness and applied economics major?

If you enrolled at OSU before 2019, see this Curriculum Sheet and this Flow Chart for information on courses are necessary to complete the major. If you enrolled at OSU on or after 2019, see this Curriculum Sheet and Flow Chart.

how do i stay on track for graduation?

Some courses need to be taken in a sequence, for example AEDE 2001 needs to be taken before AEDE 3101 which needs to be taken before AEDE 4106. Prioritizing these courses during scheduling will be helpful for maintaining your graduation timeline.

how does grade forgiveness work?

Undergraduate students may complete a Grade Forgiveness Petition with the authorized representative of the dean or director of their enrollment unit to repeat a course and, after completing the course the second time, have the original course credit and grade excluded from the calculation of the student's cumulative point-hour ratio, but remain on the student's official permanent record. This action will be subject to the following conditions: A)Permission to apply this rule must be obtained before deadlines. B)The same course may be repeated only once under this rule. C)This rule may be applied for a maximum of three courses. D)The graduate school and graduate professional colleges may formulate appropriate modifications of paragraph (A) of this rule, subject to the approval of the council on academic affairs, and publish the rule in their bulletins.

where do i find my minor course list?

For minors within CFAES, view the Minor Course List. For Minors outside of CFAES, view this Minor Course List

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