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Double Major or Dual Degree

There are two options for students interested in pursuing a second major: Double major, where a single degree is awarded upon completion of two majors that share a common GE; or dual degree, where two distinct degrees are awarded upon completion of a second major and the associated GE. For students within CFAES, completion of two majors within the BS in Agriculture results in a single degree. The GE is shared between the majors, but the major course requirements are different.

  • Pursuit of a second major fulfills CFAES' minor or minor equivalency requirement.
  • Completion of a second major outside CFAES may also require completion of different GE requirements and could result in the award of a dual degree.
  • Completion of two majors requires that the requirements of each major set by the departments are met.

The decision to pursue a second major requires commitment and dedication that begin early in an academic career. If you are considering pursuing a second major, discuss this option with your academic advisor and an advisor of the second program of interest. The decision to complete a second major must be on file with the CFAES.

Double Major

  • Each major must contain at least 18 unique semester hours
  • Overlap with the GE is permitted if allowed by the department of each major
  • A minimum of 121 credit hours must be completed
  • Students must complete both majors before graduating
  • Students completing a double major will receive a single diploma with both majors noted on the student’s record and transcripts


  • Overlap between major courses is not permitted
  • The GE of both degrees must be met
  • A minimum of 30 semester hours beyond the total required for one degree must be earned (i.e., 151 credit hours must be completed)
  • Students may earn the two degrees at one time, or separately
  • Students completing a dual degree will receive two diplomas upon graduation