1. Masterminds

    Three AEDE Professors and Endowed Chairs Honored as OSU Masterminds

    Oct 13, 2017

    Masterminds, held on October 5th, is a new event that features The Ohio State University's strongest colleges and most brillant faculty who hold endowed positions.  The first endowed chair was established at The Ohio State University in 1963. Since then, more than 170 endowed chair positions have been created to benefit The Ohio State University for generations to come.  Three AEDE Professors who hold Endowed Chairs were honored.

  2. David Kraybill

    AEDE Professor David Kraybill Retiring After 25 Years

    Oct 10, 2017

    Professor Dave Kraybill may be retiring from AEDE after 25 years of service but his work in economic development will not come to an end.  Kraybill has spent much of his recent time in Africa studying household poverty, government decentralization and adaption to climate change.  He recently shared that he is excited for the next chapter in his career with a project that he hopes will help usher in a green revolution in Africa.  Kraybill is to serve as Editor-in-Chief of a book on transforming African agricultural universities.

    “This book will serve as a road map to help universities to produce students with the technical skills to transform lives and the labor force the market needs to thrive,” shared Kraybill. 

    The work, supported by The World Bank, will include written work from writers from 66 agricultural universities across Africa.

    At a recent reception to celebrate Kraybill’s career, he shared that he credits the intellectually energetic environment of AEDE as a supportive backdrop for his career and an integral part of the success of his work. 

    “AEDE has been a fantastic place to work,” shared Kraybill.  “I was so very fortunate to land in AEDE.”

    We wish David all the best as he retires and continues his integral work in Africa.


  3. New AEDE Staff Members

    Oct 3, 2017

    With the start of the 2017-2018 academic year and some restructuring of administrative roles for servicing the needs of the faculty and students, AEDE welcomes several new staff.  Our department staff are the engine that keeps AEDE running. As any of our faculty will attest, without our outstanding staff, the faculty would not be able to do what they do so effectively, nor would we have gained such an outstanding reputation for service to students.  Below, see a Q & A with each of the recent additions to our team. We look forward to a wonderful academic year with our full administrative and academic staff teams in place.