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Below there are links to all of my course materials.  If you have any questions about class information please contact Ian Sheldon at

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AEDE 4003: "Economics of Public Policy Analysis" (Formerly AED 503)

  1. Syllabus
  2. Introduction
  3. Preferences
  4. Edgeworth Box
  5. Prices and Equilibrium
  6. Competitive Equilibrium
  7. The Welfare Theorems
  8. Production and Efficiency
  9. Public Goods
  10. Taxation and Economic Welfare
  11. Public Choice
  12. Welfare Economics and Ethics
  13. Externalities
  14. Externalities and Policy
  15. Tragedy of the Commons
  16. Monopoly
  17. Public Policy and Monopoly
  18. Vertical Restraints
  19. Imperfect Information and Product Quality




Source: Adam Knight - Creative Commons

AED/IS 4540: "International Commerce and the World Economy" (Formerly AED/IS 540)

  1. Course Syllabus 
  2. Patterns of Trade
  3. Gains from Trade
  4. Ricardian Model
  5. Heckscher-Ohlin Model
  6. Impact of China on US Labor Market
  7. North-North Trade
  8. Firms and Trade
  9. Policies and Trade Part I:Tariffs and Quotas
  10. Policies and Trade Part II:Tariff-Rate Quotas
  11. Policies and Trade Part III: Export Policies
  12. How to Free Trade: Multilateralism and the WTO
  13. Has the WTO affected Trade?  
  14. How to Free Trade: Dispute Resolution in the WTO
  15. How to Free Trade: Regional Trade Agreements
  16. Economics of Brexit
  17. Service Outsourcing
  18. Trade Deficit and Trade Policy



Source: Michael Chu - Creative Commons

AEDE 6200: "International Economics and Policy" (Formerly AED 734)

Link to course text

  1. Syllabus/Additional Reading
  2. General Equilibrium / Marginal Rate of Transformation
  3. Gains from Trade
  4. Heckscher-Ohlin Model I
  5. Heckscher-Ohlin Model II
  6. Ricardian Model
  7. Ricardian Model: Modern Interpretation/Extra Notes on Ricardian Model
  8. Patterns of Trade
  9. Trade and Imperfect Competition
  10. Increasing Returns and Trade
  11. Gravity Model
  12. Firms and Trade
  13. Effects of Trade Distortions
  14. Partial Equilibrium Effects I
  15. Partial Equilibrium Effects II
  16. TRQs I
  17. TRQs II
  18. Agricultural Trade and Policy
  19. Imperfect Competition and Trade Policy
  20. Political Economy and Trade Policy
  21. Economics of GATT/WTOReforming the WTO
  22. Customs Unions and Free Trade Areas
  23. Dynamics of Trade Liberalization
  24. Climate Policy and Border Measures


CUCEA Universidad de Guadalajara: Trade Seminar, August 18-22, 2014


Topic 1: Firms Trade and Product Quality

Topic 2: Trade and the Environment, Figure

Tpoic 3: Imperfect Competition, Trade and Environmental Policy

Topic 4: Political Economy and Trade Policy

Topic 5: The WTO, Development and Trade