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Current Research

Under Review

Wrenn, DH and Klaiber, HA. “Price Based Land Use Policy and Development Density: Impacts on Urban Land Use.”

Hasan*, S, Sheldon, I and Klaiber, HA. “Regional Innovation Policy in Taiwan and South Korea:  Impact of Science Parks on Firm-Productivity Distributions.”

Connolly*, C, Livy*, M., Qiu*, Y. and Klaiber, HA. “Capitalization of Interconnected Active Transportation Infrastructure.”

Xu*, S and Klaiber, HA. “The Impact of Natural Gas Pipelines on Emissions and Fuel Consumption in China.”

Goodenberger*, JS, Gopalakrishnan, S and Klaiber, HA. “The Optimal Control of Invasive Species with Heterogeneous Carrying Capacities and Intensities.”

Chen*, W and Klaiber, HA. “Does Road Expansion Help Mitigate Congestion in China? An Evaluation of Vehicle-Kilometers Traveled.”

Connolly*, C and Klaiber, HA. “Competition in Local Foods Markets.”

Klaiber, HA, Newburn, D and Wrenn, D. “Price Based Policies for Managing Residential Development and Impacts on Water Quality.” 

Dong*, X and Klaiber, HA. “The Energy and Carbon Costs of Consumer Stockpiling in Response to the EISA “Light Bulb Ban.” 

Working Papers

Wolf*, D, Gopalakrishnan, SG, Klaiber, HA. “The Cost of Algae Contamination in Freshwater Lakes:  Identification of Demand Functions for Environmental Quality.”

Chen*, W, Wolf*, D, Gopalakrishnan, SG, Haab, T, Klaiber, HA. “The Impact of Algae on Recreation Behavior.”

Georgic*, W and Klaiber, HA. “Identifying the Costs to Homeowners of Eliminating NFIP Subsidies.”

Wolf*, D, Gopalakrishnan, SG and Klaiber, HA. “Does Heterogeneity within the Second-Stage Matter? Recovering Water Quality Demand Functions using a Nationwide Housing Database.”

Dong*, X, Gopalakrishnan, SG, Klaiber, HA and Wrenn, D. “The Hidden Carbon Costs of Land Use Change from Shale Development.”

Xu*, S, Klaiber, HA and Miteva, D. “The Impact of Concessions on Household Location Choice and Well-Being in Indonesia.

Gopalakrishnan, SG, Klaiber, HA and Qiu, Y. “Dredging the Sand Commons: Examining Tradeoffs in the Timing of Shoreline Stabilization.”

Plakias, Z, Klaiber, HA and Roe, BR. “Heterogeneity in Local Foods Offering by Farm-To-School Districts in the U.S.”

Abbott, JK, Klaiber, HA and Smith, VK, “Economic Behavior, Market Signals, and Urban Ecology.” 

Towe, C and Klaiber, HA. "A Valuation of Restored Streams Using Repeat Sales."