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Dec 30 2019
In 2019, the farm belt felt about as hospitable as the asteroid belt. Record rainfall turned fields to sludge and made it nigh-on impossible to plant corn and soybeans until long after the typical window had passed. President Trump’s long-running trade war cut off farmers’ access to China’s enormous market. Across the farm sector, commodity prices remained in the doldrums.
Nov 27 2019
Federal trade assistance payments are a key reason net farm income is projected to inch higher in 2019. But just how tough are times for farmers, really?
Nov 12 2019
US farm income is forecast to increase for a third consecutive year. Ani Katchova, an associate professor and farm income enhancement chair at Ohio State University, says the growth in farm income is mainly driven by an increase in federal support.
Oct 30 2019
Even during a growing season when 1.5 million fewer acres of soybeans and corn were planted in Ohio, average farm incomes in the state are likely to increase compared to last year, according to an agricultural economist with Ohio State University.
Oct 23 2019
Ohio farmers planted 1.5 five million fewer acres of corn and soybeans in 2019 because of too much rain in the spring. However, Ohio State associate professor and chair of the Farm Income Enhancement Program, Ani Katchova says incomes for farmers will rise again this year.
Sep 24 2019
Hope for resuming a positive tone in ongoing U.S. trade discussions with China has returned, but some agricultural experts say it may not be enough.
Aug 15 2019
Farm bankruptcies across the nation are up, but Ohio’s rate remains among the lowest in the Midwest, according to a new analysis by researchers at The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).
Aug 7 2019
Ohio farmland tax valuations continue to decline across the state according to a new study from Ohio State University.
Apr 17 2019
Economists from the Ohio State University looked at the trends in Chapter 12 filings each year, evaluating whether the recent downturn in commodity prices is impacting the number of bankruptcies agriculture is seeing.
Feb 27 2019
Researchers at the Ohio State University told PolitiFact that farmers and fishermen, especially those who exceed the Chapter 12 debt limit, can also file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies.
Feb 26 2019
Farmers can actually file under four possible chapters of the bankruptcy code, said Robert Dinterman, a researcher with Ohio State University’s Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics. They are chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13.
Nov 2 2018
Continued low commodity prices and uncertainty due to the trade war with China has economists predicting another fall for farm incomes in Ohio.
Oct 4 2018
This fall most farmers in Ohio will be grinning at the numbers they see on their yield monitors and scowling at the numbers they see in the markets as combines roll through crop fields.
Oct 2 2018
Ani Katchova in National Academies news release. The report provides recommendations to help USDA identify new approaches for effectively collecting data and reporting information about American agriculture, given the increased complexity of farm businesses in recent decades.
Sep 20 2018
Ani Katchova, Ian Sheldon, and Ben Brown in Columbus Dispatch
Nov 16 2017
With some improvements in 2017 in farm income and farm assets, optimism is slowing growing for finding the bottom in the current low agricultural economic cycle.
Nov 12 2017
Ani Katchova in Columbus Dispatch
Sep 21 2017
Ani Katchova and Bob Dinterman in Columbus Dispatch