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Nov 5 2023
AEDE's Dr. Mark Partridge, Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Policy at Ohio State University who was featured in the Columbus Dispatch in "Which Ohio firms employ the most foreign specialist workers? A look at the H-1B program".Which Ohio firms employ the most foreign specialist workers? A look at the H-1B program
May 10 2022
Professor Partridge discusses how inflation works, who is to blame and why the Federal Reserve raised interest rates
Mar 4 2022
Entrepreneurship creates many local benefits, but starting a new business in rural places can be challenging
Jan 28 2022
Recent action by the U.S. EPA could put an embattled coal-fired power plant in southern Ohio on its last legs.
May 18 2018
Right now more than a million Ohioans have no access to fast and reliable internet at home. It is one of the top concerns for rural families according to lawmakers.
Jan 3 2018
While the tax reform law will provide tax cuts to Ohioans, those cuts may not provide the boost needed for future economic growth. Ohio State University economist Mark Partridge says Ohio's manufacturers may see some benefit, but investment in workers will do more.
Oct 27 2017
A new study done at the Ohio State University digs deep into the root causes of the opioid crisis in our state, effective ways to help addicts and how to stop people from getting addicted in the first place.
Oct 27 2017
Opioid addiction, abuse and overdose deaths cost Ohio from $6.6 billion to $8.8 billion, according to a new report from the C. William Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy at Ohio State University.
Oct 27 2017
A new report from The Ohio State University finds that improving access to addiction treatment and economic resources are the most effective way to reduce opioid abuse and deaths, which reached a record high in Ohio last year.
Oct 16 2017
Bills in the Ohio House and Senate Take a big Step Towards and Effective Broadband Policy in Ohio
Oct 11 2017
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is moving to repeal the Clean Power Plan as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to bring jobs and prosperity to communities that rely on the coal industry.
Jun 23 2017
C. Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy graduate student Mark Rembert speaks to the Columbus Dispatch on the program's broad band study and says that there are still a lot of Ohioans that don’t have broadband access.
May 15 2017
A new study from Ohio State University found 31 percent of the state's rural population lacked access to fixed broadband service.
May 9 2017
The Ohio State University’s Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics has released a study entitled “Connecting the Dots of Ohio’s Broadband Policy.”
May 4 2017
AEDE Professor Mark Partridge Weighs in on the Impacts of a Raise
Sep 12 2016
Mark Partridge on the role of "second cities" in Asian & Africa
Aug 8 2016
Mark Partridge in a feature on Williston,ND in the Atlantic
Jul 7 2015
Mark Partridge in the Akron Beacon Journal
Mar 1 2015
Research by Mark Partridge in MiBiz