In the Press

Sep 27 2022
Ian Sheldon was interviewed at the Farm Science Review by Will Robinson of Brownfield Ag News:
Jun 2 2022
Russia’s attack on Ukraine has affected global markets for energy, fertilizer, food and more this year. But even before it began, the U.S. food system was dealing with increased costs and supply chain challenges from the pandemic and other factors.
Mar 2 2022
Margins for wheat and corn farmers in the U.S. could go up as Europe and Asia’s main suppliers are impacted by war.
Feb 25 2022
Shortly after the crisis escalated, prices for corn, soybeans and wheat were trading limit-higher overnight. Just as grain prices quickly climbed, so did other agricultural products.
Nov 16 2021
AgriTalk's Chip Flory interviews AEDE faculty on issues related to agricultural trade, commodity markets and labor.
Nov 10 2021
The university was the final stop on the show’s eight-part college roadshow, featuring students and faculty across the country who are making major advancements and contributions to the agricultural industry.
Jun 29 2021
AAEA fellows Ian Sheldon and John Beghin share about their storied careers.
Feb 3 2021
The Biden administration will review all national security measures put in place by former President Donald Trump, including the U.S.-China phase one trade deal signed January 2020, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made in comments Friday.
Jan 12 2021
Dr. Ian Sheldon, Ohio State’s Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy, led the discussion examining the effects of the pandemic on global trade and U.S. agricultural trade, including an evaluation of the Phase 1 Trade Agreement with China.
Nov 30 2020
President Donald Trump dug deep into executive powers to drive his populist trade policy, strike a mini deal with China and keep Congress largely on the sidelines.
Oct 12 2020
One of the sessions of the 2020 Virtual Farm Science Review was held by Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, as their team focused on the Value Chains in Food and Agriculture. Our Ohio Weekly host Ty Higgins moderated that session as the panel talked about how corn, cattle, pork, milk and other sectors have adjusted to reduced ethanol production, lower prices and supply chain logistics due to COVID-19 an
Jun 22 2020
Within two years of President Trump’s taking office, one of his key political constituencies — America’s farmers — were reeling from his trade war with China.
May 18 2020
President Trump has said the US could save $500 billion by dissolving its trade relationship with China. Ohio State University Trade Economist Ian Sheldon says Trump is referring to the US trade deficit with China, but he thinks the comments are over-simplifying the trade relationship.
Jan 23 2020
The U.K. is scheduled to leave the European Union at the end of the month. When Brexit officially happens, the British government will no longer be subject to a raft of EU rules, including food safety regulations that prohibit the sale of chicken disinfected with chlorine.
Jan 21 2020
Ian Sheldon, an agricultural economist at Ohio State, notes that $40 billion in ag exports by the end of the year represents a major jump for U.S. output. “If China meets those commitments, that is a significant increase in our exports to China,” he says. “Our exports have never been above $29 billion, before the trade they were around about $24 billion, so we’re talking about almost a doubling of our exports in a one- to two-year period.”
Jan 15 2020
The deal will reportedly will not lift U.S. tariffs on $250 billion dollars worth of Chinese imports. Ian Sheldon, the Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy at the Ohio State University, said regional farmers could still feel financial pain.