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Jan 3 2024
Dr. Amy Ando, professor and chair of AEDE, was among a group of experts invited by the journal Science to discuss how the ESA has evolved and what its future might hold.
Nov 5 2023
AEDE's Dr. Mark Partridge, Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Policy at Ohio State University who was featured in the Columbus Dispatch in "Which Ohio firms employ the most foreign specialist workers? A look at the H-1B program".Which Ohio firms employ the most foreign specialist workers? A look at the H-1B program
Nov 3 2023
Brian Roe was recently quoted in Alexandra Frost's recent article in the Atlantic Monthly entitled "The Great Underappreciated Driver of Climate Change."
Jun 30 2023
AEDE Assistant Professor Margaret Jodlowski is interviewed on MSNBC discussing the impact that immigrants leaving Florida will have on the economy.
Apr 26 2023
The USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report for April reveals a consistent picture of the old crop. Our own Assistant professor Seungki Lee discusses the demand estimates in the recently published report “Summary of Coffee & Grain Markets Webinar."
Apr 7 2023
Professor and Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy Dr. Ian Sheldon, Assistant Professor Dr. Seungki Lee, and Associate Professor and Extension Educator Christopher Zoller Co-authored an article called, Where Could the US-Mexico GM Corn Dispute End Up? Where the three the dispute the ongoing efforts of Mexican bans on imports of genetically modified corn.
Mar 13 2023
Professor Ian Sheldon along with Assistant Professor Seungki Lee and Associate Professor Chris Zoller discuss where the U.S and Mexico could end up on the efforts for by Mexico to ban imports of genetically modified corn. Read their article below.
Feb 9 2023
AEDE's food waste expert Brian Roe is featured discussing a different way of reusing our food waste in "Can mailing your kitchen scraps to this startup tackle climate change?" Come learn with us the new ideas to impact our landfills filling up.
Feb 2 2023
Come listen to our in house food waste expert Brian Roe discuss the problem with pizza boxes and food expiration dates on The Colin McEnroe Show. Listen in to hear from Dr. Roe and other experts break down their thoughts.
Jan 23 2023
The cost of everything is higher, but what is actually causing that? Ohio Farm Bureau's Ty Higgins talks inflation, supply chain, pandemics and Ukraine with Ohio State's Professor and Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy, Dr. Ian Sheldon. He also gets a long-term look at energy and the role carbon markets will play on the ag economy and in the competition for land from Ohio State professor, Brent Sohngen.
Jan 23 2023
Weather and labor are two very important aspects of agriculture. What does the future of both look like? Ohio Farm Bureau's Ty Higgins talks about the weather with Ohio's state climatologist Aaron Wilson, who gives a short and long-term outlook. He also visits with Ohio State Assistant Professor Margaret Jodlowski about the outlook for ag labor and the new look of getting and maintaining a workforce.
Jan 11 2023
Professor and our resident food expert Brian Roe, will be on All Sides with Ann Fisher on WOSU Public Media the morning of 1/11/2023. He'll be joined by Joe Lombardi, Executive Director, Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio to discuss the issue of food waste. Tune in below!
Jan 3 2023
Food waste expert and Professor Brain Roe was recently featured in The New York Times discussing developments in food waste research and a campaign to combat it.
Dec 16 2022
Finalists focus on bulked-up trees, wearable health monitors, COVID treatment
Dec 12 2022
Food waste expert and Professor Brian Roe shared his thoughts on paths forward for reducing consumer food waste. Read more about how he sees this paths moving by reading the article below.
Sep 27 2022
Ian Sheldon was interviewed at the Farm Science Review by Will Robinson of Brownfield Ag News:
Jun 2 2022
Russia’s attack on Ukraine has affected global markets for energy, fertilizer, food and more this year. But even before it began, the U.S. food system was dealing with increased costs and supply chain challenges from the pandemic and other factors.
May 11 2022
How much food would it take to fill Ohio Stadium? The answer is pretty overwhelming, considering that is how much food is going to waste. With Ohio Extension today, we learn how much food is really going to waste and how you can improve on that number while shopping in your grocery stores.