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Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics



Name Title Office Contact Information
Braine, Bruce Lecturer
Briggs , Lisa Lecturer 250 Ag Admin Building
Dadzie, Nicholas Senior Lecturer 313 Ag Admin Building
Dancer, Ernie Lecturer
Frumkin, Adam Lecturer
Gitter, Robert Adjunct Professor 219 Ag Admin Building
Gray, Beth Lecturer
Hall, Peggy Lecturer OSUE Union County
Hnytka, Marc Lecturer
Holley, Scott Lecturer
Kestner, Denise Lecturer
Makki, Shiva Adjunct Professor
Munroe, Darla Courtesy Appointment
Sayan, Serdar Adjunct Professor
Ward, Barry Lecturer
Williams, Chris Lecturer 250 Ag Admin Building
Worley, Charles Lecturer
614-292-4900, ext. 113
Wu, Steven Adjunct Associate Professor