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Lecture Series

The lecture program is a major activity of the VanBuren Program. In its current form, the VanBuren Lecture Program includes a visit of an internationally known scholar in management who interacts with our faculty, students and farm clientele in a number of formats. Following is a list of VanBuren Lectures given to date.

Date Lecture
1991 John Ikerd, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri
1991 Jack McEowen
1992 Glen Schmidt
1993 Dennis Avery, Center for Global Food Issues
1994 Chris Hurt, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
April 17-18, 1996 Dr Steven T. Sonka, Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois. InfoAg and the Knowledge Creating Organization.
May 22-23, 1997 Dr. Michael Boehlje, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University. On the Industrialization of Agriculture.
April 6-7, 1998 Dr. Robert King, Professor of Applied Economics, The University of Minnesota. The Economics of Site Specific Management and Crop Production.
April 28-29, 1999 Dr. James M. (Jess) Lowenberg-DeBoer, Professor of Agricultural Economics Purdue University. Managing Production Risk with Precision Farming Technologies.
May 3-4, 2000 Dr. Marshall A. Martin, Professor of Agricultural Economics Purdue University.  The Economics of Agricultural Biotechnology.
May 30-31, 2001 Dr. Steven C. Turner, Professor of Agricultural Economics University of Georgia.  Adoption Strategies for Information Technology in Agriculture.
November 1-2, 2006 Dr. Madhu Khanna, Professor of Agricultural Economics, The University of Illinois.  Economics of Soil Carbon Sequestration Through Biomass Crops. 
February 5, 2009 Dr. Bruce Babcock, Professor of Economics and Director of CARD (Center for Agricultural and Rural Development), Iowa State University.  Supply Impacts of Ethanol in Market Equilibrium.