Event Recap: Economic Analysis of Key Presidential Election Issues

On the evening of Monday, October 3rd, three AEDE economists and a leading expert from the Columbus business community provided a critical, unbiased, non-partisan economic examination of key themes in this year’s presidential debate at a public event in Thompson Library titled “Economic Analysis of Key Presidential Election Issues.”

Speakers and topics included:

Ben Kanzeg, Associate Vice President and Executive Director of Policy in the Office of Government Affairs at The Ohio State University served as the moderator at the discussion.

As the speakers noted, there has been considerable rhetoric around key issues in the upcoming presidential election, but much less analysis of their potential economic impact.  

“As applied economists, our faculty are trained to look at all sides of an issue and draw informed conclusions based on sound economic reasoning,” said Tim Haab, professor and chair of AEDE. “Such unbiased information is often missing from traditional media coverage of election issues but is critical for voters to make informed decisions.”

Economic Analysis of Key Presidential Election Issues - 10/03/16