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Thank You, Susie Sheller, AEDE’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator, for 27 Years of Dedicated Service to the Department

Oct. 2, 2012
Susie Sheller, AEDE’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator, is leaving the department as of October 5th to work in the Dean’s Office at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), which AEDE resides in. Sheller, who has been with the undergraduate program at AEDE since November 1985, leaves AEDE after 27 years of service, having guided and impacted the studies and lives of countless AEDE undergrads.

Susie Sheller,
AEDE’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator, who will be leaving the department on
October 5, 2012.
Sheller originally joined the department as a secretary to the faculty Undergraduate Program Leader, and over time her position changed and grew and she took on a number of new tasks, which led to the development of her role as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Sheller notes that she stayed with the department for 27 years due to the students, who she greatly enjoyed working with. “I really enjoyed the student contact – I liked seeing the students grow from their freshman year to their senior year, seeing them blossom, ready to tackle the world by the time they leave AEDE.”

Sheller also notes that in her 27 years at AEDE, the University has changed a lot, which has been a joy to watch and take part in as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. “I’ve seen the quality of the students in the department rise as the admissions standards for the University have risen. Overall the talent of the students who join our program has risen immensely – I’m proud that the program has grown to include some of Ohio State’s brightest students.”
In her new position in the CFAES Dean’s Office, Sheller will be working with the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Jill A. Pfister, where, in addition to many other tasks, she will help to organize the master schedule for the College. “I’m excited about this new challenge. I’ve been overseeing the undergraduate schedule at the department level for many years; I’m looking forward to helping to manage it at a larger level for the entire College.” Sheller was also drawn to this new challenge because the position afforded her the opportunity to stay in the College and continue her daily interaction with the staff, faculty and students that she has grown to call a part of her extended family.
In leaving AEDE, Sheller reflected that it’s been a great 27 years and that she’s thoroughly “appreciated everyone that she’s worked with.” Sheller also leaves with a great sense of pride for the AEDE undergraduate program and knows that the program and the students will only continue to grow and achieve great success. 
Thank you, Susie, for your many years of dedicated service to the department. You will be missed and we wish you the best of luck in this new phase of your career.
October 2, 2012