Local Company Supports Sustainable Business Classes with Donation of Study Guide

Feb. 15, 2019

Ashland LLC, a global specialty chemicals company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio is a strong supporter of students in Professor Neil Drobny’s undergraduate sustainable business classes at The Ohio State University. 

Recently, they donated a study guide for use as a reference document by students who plan to take the exam for certification as a Sustainability Associate exam offered through the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). 

Drobny, who offers extra credit to students who take and pass the exam, says he learned early in his career in engineering that “professional certification is an important way to differentiate oneself in today’s competitive job market.”  Accordingly, his courses include heavy doses of professional development as well as academic assignments. 

Nicole Voss, Director, Sustainability and Environmental at Ashland, said, "it is our honor to be in a position to provide this valuable tool to the students at The Ohio State University, to support students in their efforts to achieve professional accreditation through ISSP as a Sustainability Associate.”     

Jeff Yorzyk, President of ISSP, added, “ I hope other organizations such as Ashland and Ohio State will encourage and enable undergraduate students to establish their professional identities even before they graduate.

Pictured: Nicole Voss, Ashland Director of Sustainability and Environmental 
Neil Drobney, Director of Outreach, Environment, Economics, Development & Sustainability (EEDS)