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IATRC Theme Day Organized and Sponsored by the Andersons Program in International Trade

Jan. 12, 2015

In December 2014, Ian Sheldon, Ohio State's Andersons Professor of International Trade, organized and sponsored, in collaboration with Steve McCorriston (University of Exeter), the theme day for the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium's (IATRC) 2014 annual meeting in San Diego, California. At the organization's annual gathering each year, the IATRC hosts a theme day designed to expose attendees to new topics relevant to agricultural trade research. This year the theme was “Food and Resources: Conflict and Trade,” with the program consisting of presentations from the following invited speakers:

The IATRC is an international association of agricultural trade researchers and policy practitioners. Membership currently includes over 200 economists from academia, government, and research institutions in 31 countries. Over the past quarter century, the IATRC has established itself as one of the premier institutions for advancing the frontiers of knowledge on agricultural trade and trade policy that has informed both policy formulation and public debate.

Ohio State's Andersons Program in International Trade is a broad-based program focusing on research and outreach in the area of international trade and public policy. Recent research from the program has focused on: vertical market structure and the impact of trade liberalization on developing country market access; government labeling policies and credence goods; and the relationship between trade and environmental policy. Currently, research is being conducted on carbon tariffs and trade; intellectual property rights and U.S. seed exports; and also the potential the impact of R&D on market structure in the life sciences sector.

January 12, 2015