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Faculty Profile: Dr. Anna Parkman

May. 20, 2021

Dr. Anna Parkman came to academia from the business world where she gained practical experience in small business management and human resources. She also developed a large network of colleagues whom she now brings into the classroom to enhance student learning and help them make connections in industry. For Parkman, teaching is about interacting with students and tapping into their curiosity, ambition, and drive which in turn, inspires her to bridge classroom learning with real-world experience. In addition to teaching, Parkman serves as Undergraduate Program Leader and Internship Advisor.

“Teaching is dynamic and synergistic. You're never prepared for the interactions and conversations that occur in a classroom and it is really exciting," said Parkman. “Their interests drive me to find guest speakers that will help them see the many options available in industry.”

She says that agribusiness and applied economics majors have passion and they have work experience, either on family farms or with family businesses. They also have had internships.

“When our students interview for an internship or a job, they have real work experiences and academic courses to back up their skill set,” said Parkman.

Parkman explained that the department focuses on ensuring students know what they need to know to be successful on the job, but also how to take what they have learned and use it.  

“That is the applied in Agribusiness and Applied Economics,” said Parkman. “It has to have utility to society and to the business no matter what sector.”

As an advisor, Parkman also works with students to help them identify their strengths and unearth gaps in their skillset, so they can find opportunities on campus to address them.

Senior Blake Adams said she relied on Dr. Parkman’s guidance throughout her time at Ohio State.

“I could always lean on her,” said Adams. “She always tries to point you in the right direction.”

Parkman shared that another rewarding part of her role is helping students negotiate first job offers and for those already in the workforce, help navigate next steps in their careers. 

“Many AEDE students have multiple offers as they approach graduation,” said Parkman  “It means a lot that they entrust me with those important conversations and decisions.”