Announcing a new sustainability major at The Ohio State University

Feb. 2, 2012

The Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability major (EEDS) is a new major at Ohio State University that has just been approved and will start enrolling students in Fall 2012. The EEDS major is offered jointly by the School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics. This new major was developed in response to the recognition that many of the world’s most pressing problems arise from the interdependence between natural resources and the well-being of people. Achieving sustainable development solutions requires individuals trained in sustainability principles and practices. The EEDS major provides students with the critical knowledge and skills, both technical analytical tools and group process methods, that are needed to understand and assess sustainability in the U.S. and internationally. Drawing on the fields of economics, business, sociology, and the natural sciences, the goal of this major is to train students to implement sustainability in a variety of settings, including private businesses, cooperatives, public agencies and nonprofits. More detailed information will be coming soon or contact us at