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AEDE Takes Over 63rd North American Regional Science Association Meetings in Minneapolis

Nov. 17, 2016

AEDE faculty members and graduate students were recently recognized for their accomplishments at the 63rth Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International (NARSC) in Minneapolis.

Below are some faculty awards:

  • Mark Partridge was named a Fellow of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) 
  • Alessandra Faggian was elected President of the North American Regional Science Council.
  • Mark Partridge was elected President-Elect of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), which is the international umbrella for the regional science associations in Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific/Asian regions.

Papers presented by AEDE faculty members and graduate students at NARSC (Names of graduate students and recent grads are in bold):

Crown, Daniel, Alessandra Faggian and Jonathan Corcoran, “Temporary Migration and the Skill Composition of Native Workers

Dotzel, Kathryn R., “Impact of Knowledge Management Strategies on Innovation Outcomes for Rural Businesses in the United States

Faggian, Alessandra, Philip E. Graves, Mark Partridge and Rodrigo A. Perez, “Rent/Value Ratios in Spatial Disequilibrium: Booming versus Lagging Cities

Feng, Bo and Mark Partridge, “Interregional Migration and Intergenerational Mobility

Iturra, Victor H., Mark Partridge, Linda Lobao and Gregory Hooks, ”Local Government and Income Inequality Across U.S. Counties

Low, Sarah A., Anil Rupasingha and Daniel Crown, “Was Access to Capital a Barrier to Entry, Survival, and Growth in the Hinterland? Evidence from the Rural United States”

Maldonado, Norman, Antonio Avendaño and Alex Araque, “Industrial Localization in Bogota

Martinez-Gonzalez, Ariadna and Mark Partridge, “Is Urbanization Reducing Poverty in Mexico?

Perez, Rodrigo A., “Knowledge Spillovers and Wage Inequality. The Side Effect of the Concentration of Highly Educated Workers in U.S. Cities”

Rajbhandari, Isha, Alessandra Faggian and Mark Partridge, “Migrants and Boomtowns: Micro Evidence from the U.S. Shale Boom” 

Pender, John, Anil Rupasingha and Daniel Crown, USDA's Business and Industry (B&I) Loan Program and Business Dynamics

Tsvetkova, Alexandra A., Mark Partridge and Michael Betz, ”Self-employment Effects on Regional Growth: A Bigger Bang for a Buck?” 

Tsvetkova, Alexandra A., Mark Partridge and Michael Betz, ”Does the Tide Lift All Boats? Entrepreneurial Response to Economic Conditions Across the Rural-Urban Hierarchy

Zhang, Xiaochen, Who Suffered More During the Economic Recession: Local Residents or Migrants? Evidence from China”

Mark Partridge also co-organized and chaired the 6th Annual Journal of Regional Science Plenary Lecture featuring Edward Glaeser and Diego Puga as speakers. AEDE’s own Alessandra Faggian was Professor Glaeser’s discussant while recent AEDE grad Heather Stephens filled in as Diego Puga’s discussant.

Min Zhang, a Ph.D. student at Zhejiang University, China, also attended NARSC. She is visiting the Regional Economics group in AEDE for the upcoming year.