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AEDE Shines at North American Regional Science Conference

Nov. 20, 2019

Ohio State University and particularly AEDE had a very large turnout of faculty, students, and past graduates at the North American Regional Science Conference (NARSC). Here is a summary of notable achievements:

Oudom Hean, AEDE PhD Candidate, won first prize for the North American Regional Science Council Best Student-led Paper Award. He co-authored “The Impact of Metropolitan Technological Progress on the Nonmetropolitan Labor Market: Evidence of U.S. Patents”  with professor Mark Partridge.

Nattanicha Chairassamee, AEDE PhD Candiate and Oudom Hean presented “How Do Public Universities Decide on Enrollments?: Quantity or Quality."

Seung-hun Chung presented “Impact of Religious Affiliation on Regional Demographics in Pre-transition Population and Growth of Religious Affiliation: Evidence from 19th Century Prussia”; and “Impact of Religious Extremism on Regional Demographics: Evidence from Taliban Occupation of Afghanistan."

Brian Cultice, AEDE PhD Student and professor Elena Irwin presented "Uber and the Value of Mass-Transit Access; Evidence from U.S. Metropolitan Housing Markets."

Xiao Dong, AEDE PhD Student and professors H. Allen Klaiber, Sathya Gopalakrishnan, and Douglas Wrenn presented “The Carbon Losses due to Landscape Change from Unconventional Shale Gas Development in the Marcellus and Utica Formations.”

Christina Gore, AEDE PhD Student and professor Elena Irwin and Andre Carrel presented “What Drives Battery Electric Vehicle Adoption? How Consumers' Decisions are Impacted by Regional Differences in Carbon Dioxide Emissions."

Oudom Hean, Nattanicha Chairassamee and Mark D. Partridge presented “Migration, Education and Urban Divergence: Evidence from U.S. Patents.”

Timothy Jaquet, AEDE Post Doctoral Researcher, presented “Impact of the Great Recession on Retail Competition."

H. Allen Klaiber and Ulrich Morawetz presented “The welfare impacts of large scale urban noise reductions: implications from household sorting in Vienna."

Ariadna Martinez Gonzales, Mark Partridge and Assistant Professor Zoë Plakias presented “Connective Infrastructure and Its Effect on Poverty Reduction in Mexico."

Tyler Morin presented “Rural Affordable Housing Issues in the United States."

Sydney Schreiner, AEDE PhD Student, presented “Gentrification and Schools." and “The effects of state and local economic incentives on business start-ups in the US: County-level evidence," with Mark Partridge, Alexandra Tsvetkova, and Carlianne Patrick.

Katerine Ramirez-Nieto, AEDE PhD Candidate, presented “Assessing Intergenerational Mobility for Mexican Immigrants in the United States.”