AEDE Professors Miteva and Roe Receive Seed Grants from the Sustainable and Resilient Economy Program

Nov. 1, 2017

AEDE Professors Daniela Miteva and Brian Roe's research will be supported by the Discovery Theme Initiatives Seed Grant Programs from the Sustainable and Resilient Economy programThis funding allows collaborative, interdisciplinary teams the ground-breaking opportunity to together solve our world’s grand challenges. 

Professor Miteva will be Principal Investigator on a project titled Harnessing the Ecosystem Services of Vacant Lots to Promote Sustainability and Resilience in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her team will quantify and monetize ecosystem services provided by urban vacant lots to inner-city households in Cleveland, OH, and will collaborate with local communities to design a cost-effective policy that promotes urban ecosystem services and can be extended to other similar urban areas.
Miteva will collaborate on a project titled Integrating Ecosystem Services in the Design of a Bio-diesel Facility in Cincinnati where the team will 
advance the design of techno-ecological systems by comprehensively (1) modelling the interaction between a biodiesel facility and its surrounding ecological system, and (2) incorporating the monetary values of ecosystem services.

Professor Roe will collaborate with a team of researchers led by Cathy Xia on a project titled Sustainable Management of Perishable Food Supply Chain via Sensing Technologies and Data Driven Optimization.  The team will develop novel mathematical models integrating technologies with data driven optimization  to provide the  food  industry the tools to manage  perishability  and  reduce  waste in real-time.   Roe will also collaborate with a team on a project titled Investigating and Quantifying Household Food-Energy-Water Footprints (FEWprints) This project proposes  to develop  a  household  food(F) –energy(E) –water(W)footprint (FEWprint)to more accurately  characterize household  consumption than current  (e.g., carbon)footprints. It will also investigate how people make decision trade-offs around FEW resources.

Presentations will be given on November 15, 2017 from 3-5pm followed by a networking reception.  Thompson Library, 11th Floor

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