AEDE Graduate Credits Department Support As a Key to Her Success

May. 24, 2017
meat lab

Recent AEDE graduate Sierra Jepsen credits the support and encouragement she received from the department as crucial to her paving the way to her dream job.  She will be joining the University of Wyoming as Lecturer, Branded Meats Coordinator and Meat Judging Coach. 

“Scholarships awarded through the department and the college enabled me to be able to afford to experience studying abroad and cover travel expenses to participate in meat judging competitions across the country,” says Jepsen. 

 “It is pretty unusual for a freshly-minted Bachelor’s degree recipient to earn a position as a lecturer at a major institution,” adds Professor Brian Roe.  “Sierra leveraged her in and out of class activities to achieve an impressive placement.”

In total, Jepsen completed four paid internships in various ag industry sectors.  Her first internship was in agricultural credit, then she worked on a cattle ranch which led her to work with producers in a meat lab. 

“Coming into college, I didn’t want to graduate and take a run of the mill job,” she says.  “I wanted a unique job and I found it!”

At the University of Wyoming Jepsen will work to establish its private sale label through its meat lab and develop a program to share meat produced by the university with the student body at its student union and vending machines.

“I learned how to do all of this at OSU and I’m in a great position to apply this knowledge to my new position.”