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The 34th Annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Reception, February 20, 2023

Feb. 23, 2023

By: Miles Baker

This past Monday, OSU's Sphinx Senior Class Honorary and Mortar Board Senior Honor Society held their 34th Annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Reception. The reception is held every year to honor and recognize staff and faculty who have significantly impacted students college careers. Senior economics major William Gilbert selected to honor AEDE's Professor and Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy Dr. Ian Sheldon. 

Gilbert attended Dr. Sheldon's courses AEDECON 4540 and 6200, the two international trade courses at the undergraduate and master's level. Dr. Sheldon's courses were memorable for Gilbert as they filled a void in the ASC economics program of international economics and trade. The 6200 class was his first experience in a master's level course, and his success in the course was validating for his application to graduate schools in economics.

Dr. Sheldon's teaching stands out to Gilbert because of the Socratic nature of his lectures. Gilbert said "He strongly encourages students to actively participate in lectures, making the analysis and development of the models a communal process."

Gilbert wrote and shared the following at the reception on Monday.

“Dr. Sheldon is a passionate professor who truly cares for the intellectual betterment of his students. Drawing on his breadthless knowledge of international economics, his Socratic approach to lecturing brings out the best in both himself and his students. Personally, Dr. Sheldon has been a role model for what a scholarly economist should be, as well an inspiration, and resource, on my journey towards graduate school. A student of economics could hope for no better teacher than Dr. Sheldon.”