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News article: Survey says…better designed survey questions generate truer responses

Whether it is after a webinar or an organization soliciting information, we all fill out our fair share of surveys.

According to Wuyang Hu, professor and AEDE Honors Coordinator, the responses recorded in a survey may not always reflect reality, particularly surveys asking folks “what do you plan to do” instead of “what have you done.”

Media mention: Grant funds received to support food entrepreneurship in Wayne

A research grant was received to support the startup of a new nonprofit entrepreneurial center that will support food producers in Wayne County. The results of the project also will support farmers and food producers throughout Ohio by providing recommendations for new programs to help these producers increase profitability, access new markets and develop new value-added food products.

News article: In Surveys, People Say They'll Pay Twice What They're Actually Willing to Spend

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Perhaps people like to think of themselves as big spenders. Or maybe they just aren’t very honest. But when researchers compared what study participants reported they were willing to spend on goods with what they actually shelled out in experiments designed to mimic a real-world shopping experience, there was a big gap.

Basic page: Recent Faculty and Graduate Student Research
Recent Faculty and Graduate Student Research  Issues Affecting Food Production, Security and Health

Dr. Brian Roe: Food-related Routines, Food-Related Routines, Product Characteristics, and Household Food Waste in the United States: A Refrigerator-based Pilot Study and Food Waste Collaborative Presentation. 

News article: AEDE Welcomes Professor Wuyang Hu to OSU

“Applied economists are concerned with more than just numbers and economic theory,” says new AEDE Professor Wuyang Hu.  “Many of us are interested in solving real-life problems and making a difference on an individual level.”

A fitting philosophy for a professor and researcher whose work over the past twenty-years has kept him focused on food related issues where the environment, economics and society intersect. 

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Research in Regional, Urban and Development Economics Policy is to lead a nationally and internationally recognized research and outreach program focused on priority issues related to rural and urban communities and their growth.