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Media mention: Life in a Deglobalized World: What Would Trade Wars Mean for Food, Energy and Water Systems?

Ohio State experts building model to simulate impacts on Great Lakes region

News article: Ohio State Researchers Will Study How Food, Energy and Water Systems in the Great Lakes Region Could Be Impacted by Deglobalization

Imagine the United States gets ensnared in a lengthy trade war and the fallout undercuts international demand for crops grown in the Great Lakes region. Farmers and other producers would eventually adjust their plans, setting in motion changes that could have pronounced ramifications on how land, water and energy resources are used and are collectively affected for years to come. But what are those ramifications, exactly, and to what extent can they be anticipated?

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AEDE Faculty work and research in sustainability and change examine the areas the human, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

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Environmental valuation uses tool to assign economic values to an ecosystem and determine the costs and impacts of human activities on an environmental system.

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