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News article: Global Water Institute leads effort to improve water and food security with the Navajo Nation

COLUMBUS, Ohio–A new effort led by researchers at The Ohio State University will help the Navajo Nation mitigate the lack of water and food security at a time when the Navajo communities are facing new challenges due to COVID-19.

Media mention: Stunting in Nepal: Besides Chauchau and Chips, Local Crops May Also Be Responsible

A study by an international team of agriculture scientists says that in some areas of Nepal, children’s dependency on local food may not help them become as tall as the kids from other parts of the world. Researchers Leah Bevis, David Guerena and Kichan Kim say that many of Nepal’s soils, like that of other countries in South Asia, are poor in terms of the availability of zinc, a major nutrient needed for cognitive and physical development of human beings.

News article: AEDE Faculty, PhD Candidates and Post Doctoral Researchers Featured at Annual Agricultural and Applied Economics Conference

 AEDE faculty and graduate students have a long-standing history of membership and leadership with the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA). The organization is comprised of members working in academic departments, government agencies, NGOs, and in the private sector in the fields of agricultural and applied economics.

Media mention: The Latest Research in Economics on Africa

Leah Bevis's paper on Behavioral Explaniation and the Inverse Productivity Relationship is published on The World Bank's blog.

News article: An Update on Ohio State’s STEAM Factory

Founded in 2012, The STEAM Factory at Ohio State is a grassroots initiative that facilitates collaborative research, teaching and outreach. This diverse faculty network has grown from 10 founding members to over 120 faculty across 69 departments and 17 colleges/institutes at OSU, with an ecosystem of more than 30 partners across the city of Columbus.