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Media mention: Planning on dining out in a Columbus restaurant? Expect to pay more

Ohio consumers can expect to pay more at restaurants in the coming months thanks to rising salaries for restaurant and rising commodity prices.

News article: Nearly 80,000 pounds of produce grown for food pantries statewide

The Master Gardener Volunteer program is a U.S.- and Canada-wide effort that in Ohio is run by Ohio State University Extension, which is the outreach arm of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

News article: Pandemic worsening food insecurity

Bringing higher rates of unemployment and poverty, the pandemic has also pushed more people into a struggle to buy the basics, including food. 

Grocery store food prices have gone up only about 5% since January 2019, but with so many people out of work, food banks have seen a surge in demand, said Zoë Plakias, an assistant professor of agricultural, environmental, and development economics at The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

News article: Securing a food system that faltered


News article: Agricultural Policy and Outlook Conference is a Must Attend Event for Anyone Working in Agriculture

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Organizers of the 2020 Agricultural Policy and Outlook Conference hosted by the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics (AEDE) at The Ohio State University, say the aim of this year’s conference is to offer much-needed insight to those involved in the agricultural industry during a time marked with so much global uncertainty.

Media mention: U.S. Farm Report

U.S. Farm Report begins its college roadshow at The Ohio State University.

News article: Supply chain, U.S. trade policy, COVID-19 to be discussed during Farm Science Review

The U.S. trade policy, labor and immigration issues, agricultural commodity markets, and the food supply chain will be among the topics addressed at a panel discussion during the 59th annual Farm Science Review Sept. 22–24 at 

News article: Food System Adaptations Due to COVID-19

Drs. Zoë Plakias and Brent Sohngen discuss the myriad distruptions and adaptations to state and national food systems due to COVID-19. 

News article: AEDE Shines at North American Regional Science Conference

Ohio State University and particularly AEDE had a very large turnout of faculty, students, and past graduates at the North American Regional Science Conference (NARSC). Here is a summary of notable achievements:

Media mention: Consumers Driving Food Trends in Ohio, US Experts Say

Consumers are driving food trends in Ohio.

News article: AEDE Faculty, PhD Candidates and Post Doctoral Researchers Featured at Annual Agricultural and Applied Economics Conference

 AEDE faculty and graduate students have a long-standing history of membership and leadership with the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA). The organization is comprised of members working in academic departments, government agencies, NGOs, and in the private sector in the fields of agricultural and applied economics.

News article: Rural Job Growth Rate in Ohio Surpasses Columbus Rate

In a surprising turn, Ohio’s rural counties of Wyandot and Holmes topped the job growth rate of Columbus between 2010 and 2018, according to an economist with The Ohio State University.

And other rural counties including Harrison and Morgan nearly matched Columbus’ job growth rate during that same period, said Mark Partridge, an economics professor at Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

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Recent Faculty and Graduate Student Research  Issues Affecting Food Production, Security and Health

Dr. Brian Roe: Food-related Routines, Food-Related Routines, Product Characteristics, and Household Food Waste in the United States: A Refrigerator-based Pilot Study and Food Waste Collaborative Presentation. 

News article: AEDE's Zoe Plakias Wins Award for PhD Dissertation

AEDE Assistant Professor Zoe Plakias received the Richardson-Applebaum Award for Best PhD Dissertation at the Food Distribution Research Society Annual Meeting in Hawaii.

News article: How Urban Agriculture Swept Through Greater Cleveland

While urban farmers tout the advantages of their trade, the practice hasn't been scrutinized enough to conclusively say how it impacts a neighborhood, said Zoe Plakias, an assistant professor of agriculture at the Ohio State University.

"Urban ag is very exciting and promising, and we've seen a lot of positive impacts," she said. But "there's definitely a need for more research to better understand" those impacts.

Media mention: How Urban Agriculture Swept Through Greater Cleveland

Urban Ag Seeing Promising Positive Impacts

Media mention: Egg Price Drop Good for Consumers, Tough for Producers

Egg Market is Feeling the Effects from the 2015 Market Disruption

Media mention: Trump's Proposed Budget Cuts Could Hurt Farmers

Proposed budget cuts could potentially impact farmers across the commodity spectrum and lead to a reduction in statistical reports generated by the USDA

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Our experts develop and apply economic strategy to build forecasting tools and applications for the agribusiness sector and producers in order to operate for maximum production and profit. 

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