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Issues Affecting Rural and Urban Communities Around the World Associate Professor Joyce Chen: “Climate Change, Rural Livelihoods, and Adaptation” - PhD Candidate Bo Feng: ''Social Mobility, Economic Opportunity and Interregional Migration'' - PhD Candidate Rodrigo Perez Silva: “Knowledge Spillovers” -

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Research in Regional, Urban and Development Economics Policy is to lead a nationally and internationally recognized research and outreach program focused on priority issues related to rural and urban communities and their growth.

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AEDE Faculty work and research in sustainability and change examine the areas the human, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

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News article: Meet AEDE’s Newest Faculty Member: Jon Einar Flåtnes

With the start of the 2015-2016 academic year, the department welcomed a new faculty member to its ranks: Jon Einar Flåtnes, a development economist, who joined AEDE as an Assistant Professor.

Flåtnes, who originally hails from Norway, is a recent graduate of the Agricultural and Resource Economics doctoral program at the University of California, Davis.

Learn more about Flåtnes in our Q & A with him below.

AEDE: Tell us about the research that you bring to the department.