Master of Applied Economics (MAE)

The Master of Applied Economics is a two-semester professional program geared toward individuals who want to gain skills in practical application of advanced economic theory and data analysis to find solutions for an array of societal challenges. Engaged faculty and corporate partnerships provide a hands-on learning environment where students apply classroom content to real scenarios faced by organizations.

Students in this program will quickly build the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in an increasingly global job market. With strong foundations in advanced microeconomic theory and empirical methodology, graduates are uniquely positioned for professional careers in business, policy and performance assessment, finance, consulting, governmental administration, and risk management.Apply Today

This intensive, two-semester program is jointly offered by the Department of Economics and the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, allowing students to leverage the expertise of world-class faculty in two distinct disciplines.  See the MAE Curriculum for more details. 

This program is not meant to be an intermediate step before undertaking a doctoral program. 

Applications are due by December 15th to be considered for potential scholarship opportunities.  The final application, including letters of recommendation, must be received by June 10th to be considered for admission. Please see our requirements page for more information.
Why MAE?

  • World Class Faculty: Learn from world-class economist who are performing cutting-edge research.
  • Invest in Yourself: It only takes two semesters (31 credit hours) to gain a variety of new skills and analytic tools.
  • Gain Knowledge:  Develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills to be applied in solutions-oriented environments.  Transferable in work environments including, but not limited to, banking and finance, consulting, cost benefit analysis, government agencies, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, and both non-profit and for-profit sectors.
  • Stay ahead of the Curve: Get critical training in software such as Stata, SAS, Matlab and R!
  • Increase in Salary:  Obtaining a Master's Degree in Applied Economics can see salaries up to $101,150 per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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