2017-2018 academic year -  85 graduate students; Doctoral program 72, Masters of Economics (MAE) 10, Masters of Science 3

Doctoral ProgramApply Today to the PhD program

The AEDE PhD program is a globally recognized leader in the disciplinary areas of agricultural, environmental, and development economics.

In 2011, our doctoral program was ranked by the National Research Council as the top program in Agricultural and Resource Economics in the United States.

AEDE PhD students acquire rigorous training in economic theory and advanced quantitative methods, and learn to apply these skills to a wide range of real-world economic problems.

AEDE PhD Student Placements have included teaching, research, and managerial positions with universities and colleges, research institutions, government agencies, multilateral international institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and private companies and corporations.  

Masters ProgramsApply Today to the MAE program

The Master of Applied Economics (MAE) is a professional master’s degree comprised of 31 credit hours and is designed to be completed in just two semesters. Students take coursework that provides a solid foundation in economic theory and develops advanced quantitative analysis skills which prepares students for careers as applied economists in government and business.