Extension/Outreach: Recent Faculty and Graduate Student Research

Issues Affecting Rural and Urban Communities Around the World

Associate Professor Joyce Chen: “Climate Change, Rural Livelihoods, and Adaptation” - https://youtu.be/etjvI3GP35U
PhD Candidate Bo Feng: ''Social Mobility, Economic Opportunity and Interregional Migration'' - https://youtu.be/ntTTcsX7ZCc
PhD Candidate Rodrigo Perez Silva: “Knowledge Spillovers” - https://youtu.be/xmS2Uyn4jZ4

Issues Affecting Food Production, Security and Health

Professor Brian Roe: “Food Waste” - https://youtu.be/yzX2EFSVoZw
Professor Wuyang Hu: “The Economics of Agriculture and Food Systems” - https://youtu.be/wzWgCuvJehY
Assistant Professor Zoë Plakias: “The Economics of Local Food in Schools and Universities.” - https://youtu.be/nZ23-uRcrWQ
Assistant Professor Leah Bevis: “Soil deficiencies, soil contamination and human health” - https://youtu.be/lKDhoSLTI08
PhD Candidate Danyi Qi: "Messages to Diners about Food Waste Result in Smaller Orders, Cleaner Plates, but No Change in Total Food Intake" - https://youtu.be/-d6aupnwF2c

Issues Affecting the Environment and Sustainability

Associate Professor Allen Klaiber: “Markets and the Environment.” - https://youtu.be/zflhjVH2RA4
Associate Professor Yongyang Cai: “Integrated Assessment Modeling in Climate Change Economics and Regional Development.” - https://youtu.be/XNC27GbqbPw
PhD Candidate David Wolf: “Valuing Water Resources: Housing Markets, Recreation and Health” - https://youtu.be/PeqdBTjIK1U
PhD Candidate Shaohui Tang: “Integrated Assessment Modeling of Agriculture and Water Systems” - https://youtu.be/4BQkmPyyIvA

Issues Affecting the Domestic and International Agricultural Sectors

Professor Ian Sheldon: “Economic Analysis of U.S. Trade Policy and Its Impact on the Agricultural Sector.” - https://youtu.be/bc6zg-QXFps
Associate Professor Ani Katchova: “US and Ohio Farm Financial Conditions and Forecasting” - https://youtu.be/Bx3zH9Qv7nU
Assistant Professor Jon Einar Flatnes: ““Using satellite data to predict yields and improve insurance design for smallholder farmers” - https://youtu.be/66TatzBwveQ
PhD Candidate John Dougherty: "Investigating the Impact of Climate Change on Index Insurance Demand: Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment in Tanzania." - https://youtu.be/XJ5BJG0XYKs