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Webinar on Household Food Waste Measurement: Alternatives to Diaries and Digs

Few people like to take the garbage out, let alone measure it.  This ‘yuk’ factor creates a significant barrier to measuring food waste in household settings. Direct measurement (diaries and weighing food-waste caddies) often relies upon intimate contact between people and unwanted food.  This has contributed to a paucity of data on wasted food, which hinders understanding and evaluation.  In this webinar, our speakers will frame the decision process for deciding among food waste measurement approaches and introduce several approaches for measuring wasted food that are alternatives to diaries and bin digs:

How to Decide among Measurement Approaches (Tom Quested, Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

Validated Survey (Erica van Herpen, Wageningen University)

Smartphone App (Brian Roe, The Ohio State University) 

Statistical Analyses of Food Purchases (Ted Jaenicke, Penn State University)

Discussant (Tom Quested, WRAP)

Q & A

The National Academies recently recommended more and higher quality evaluation of interventions designed to reduce the amount of food wasted by consumers.  This webinar will help organizations undertaking these interventions and those assisting in evaluation better understand the measurement options available and the tradeoffs faced when choosing among alternatives.