2019 Tobin Talk

"Farming in the Crosshairs: How Markets and Policies are Affecting the Farmer's Bottom Line"


Ben Brown (moderator) AEDE Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Agricultural Risk Management

John Newton, AEDE PhD. Graduate and Chief Economist at American Farm Bureau Federation

Ani Katchova, AEDE Associate Professor and Farm Income Enhancement Chair

Ian Sheldon, AEDE Professor and Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy

Ohio’s Agricultural industry has been resilient to hurdle after hurdle in 2019, but that has not come without noticeable scars. Delayed planting early in the year continues to show economic ripples through farm operations and communities. Trade negotiations with the U.S’s largest agricultural buyers has continued to suppress exports to places oversees. With the completion of the 2018 Farm Bill and implementation happening now, new choices under the federal safety net need to be made soon. All of these add up to new decisions for producers and an unusual farm outlook ahead.