Agricultural, Environmental, and Dev Economics

Introduction to Sustainability

Introduces students to principles from various disciplines related to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Students will evaluate key concepts and examine tradeoffs that are a part of sustainability action using case studies representing diverse perspectives. Prereq: Soph standing, or permission of instructor. Cross-listed in ENR.

Data Analysis for Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Introductory course in data analysis, stressing computer applications of probability and statistics, problems of data gathering, presentation, and interpretation in economics and business. Prereq: Math 1130 (130) or 1131 (131) or 1148 (148) or 1150 (150) or 1151.01 (151.01) or 1151.02 (151.02) or 1156 (151.03). Not open to students with credit for 2005 (205) or ComLdr 3537 (AgrEduc 387 or AEE 387) or HCS 2260 (260) or AnimSci 2260 (260) or Stat 1430 (133) or 1450 (145). GE data anly course.

Applied Econometrics I

A rigorous introduction to techniques of econometric analysis with applications to empirical problems in agricultural, environmental, and development economics. Prereq: 4001 (500) or Econ 4001 (501). Not open to students with credit for 801.


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