Agricultural, Environmental, and Dev Economics

Strategic Management

Experiential learning and managerial economics applied to strategic management in agribusiness. Formulate managerial strategies in a competitive environment constrained by the firm's products, internal resources, market segments, and supply chains. Prereq: 3101 (401), 3103 (403), and 4001 (500), and a second writing course. Not open to students with credit for 601.

Econometric Applications in Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Students will be introduced to and gain experience with quantitative statistical models and related methods and their application to agricultural, environmental and development economics and agribusiness. Prereq: 2005 or AnimSci 2260 or ComLdr 3537 or HCS 2260 or Stat 1430 or 1450; and AEDEcon 2001 or 2001H or Econ 2001 or 2001H; and AEDEcon 3000. Prereq or concur: AEDEcon 4001 or Econ 4001.02.

Agribusiness Law

A study of the legal system and selected areas of law that affect agricultural types of businesses, including civil liabilities, property law, business law and regulatory law. Prereq: 2001 (200), 2001H (200H), Econ 2001 (200), or 2001H (201H). Not open to students with credit for 470 or 670.


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