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Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics


Agricultural, Environmental, and Dev Economics

Survey Methodology

This course will focus on the theory and practices of survey design and fielding. Emphasis will be given to reducing hypothetical bias, incentive compatibility, as well as sampling error. Prereq: 7140, Econ 8714, and 8732; or permission of instructor.

Operations Research in Agribusiness and Applied Economics

Quantitative models and methods and their application to agricultural, environmental, and development economics and agribusiness. Prereq: 2005 (205), ComLdr 3537 (AEE 387), HCS 2260 (260), AnimSci 2260 (260), Stat 1145 (145), or 1430 (133); and AEDEcon 2001 (200) or 2001H (200H) or Econ 2001 (200) or 2001H (201H); and Math 1131 (131 [Wi 03 or thereafter]) or 1132 (132) or 1151.01 (151.01) or 1152.01 (152.01). Prereq or concur: 4002.01, or Econ 4001 (500) and 4001.02 (501.02). Not open to students with credit for 502.

Agribusiness Finance Applications

The course covers financial concepts such as financial statements, time value of money, and capital budgeting as they apply to farm businesses and agribusinesses. Real life examples and in-course exercises are used including farm financial statements, farmland valuation, and credit evaluation for farm loans. Prereq: 3103, or permission of instructor.


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