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Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics


Agricultural, Environmental, and Dev Economics

Agricultural Cooperatives

Cooperatives are jointly owned, democratically controlled enterprises that present an alternative model for doing business compared to investor-owned structures. This course will explore the basic principles and operations of cooperatives compared to other business structures with a focus on cooperatives in food, agriculture, and rural communities. Prereq: 2001 or 2001H or Econ 2001 or Econ 2001H.

Survey Methodology

This course will focus on the theory and practices of survey design and fielding. Emphasis will be given to reducing hypothetical bias, incentive compatibility, as well as sampling error. Prereq: 7140, Econ 8714, and 8732; or permission of instructor.

Emerging Issues in Agribusiness and Applied Economics

AEDECON 3300 Emerging Issues in Agribusiness and Applied Economics has been developed in response to stakeholder, advisor, and faculty interest in creating an opportunity for students to explore emerging domestic and international issues in agriculture through the lens of applied economics. Students will be exposed to research, a breadth of perspectives, and expert analysis of contemporary issues in agriculture. The course is designed to create a space where students in the major and those new to it, engage with the content to create a common understanding of the issues.

Grain Merchandising

Students will learn the principles and practices involved in grain and feed marketing and the theory of grain pricing through the economics of agricultural markets. Prereq: Math 1130 or 1148. Prereq or concur: AEDEcon 3113 or 3114.


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