New Generation Resource Policy for a Region in Transition: Land Use, Agriculture, Environment, and Health in the Great Lakes Region

This workshop is the final one in a four workshop series on the general theme of agroenvironmental policy issues in the Great Lakes Region. This series was supported by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with additional support by The Ohio State University, Michigan State University, The Elton R. Smith Endowment in Food and Agricultural Policy at MSU and the C. William Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy at OSU. The fi rst of the four workshops dealt with the role of science and scientists in public policy, the second focused on rural water quality and the importance of total maximum daily load; the third studied the role of land use models in land use policy, and this workshop explored transitions in the Great Lakes region as reflected in land use patterns, the region’s agriculture, and the natural environment. Each workshop is designed by a planning committee specific to the topic, chaired by co-PIs Sandra Batie and Pat Norris from MSU as well as Larry Libby from OSU. Committee members for this workshop are listed on the inside cover of the report.

By Lawrence Libby

Publication type: 
Policy brief
Date published: 
Wednesday, May 12, 2004