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Nationally, Ohio ranks 15th in per‐pupil spending. Even though Ohio does a better job than almost all other states in directing school funding to poor and minority students, a new study by researchers with The Ohio State University’s C. William Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy shows there is still much to be done to achieve funding adequacy and equity across school districts in Ohio.
Farm Income Enhancement Program Poster prepared for the OSU Community Engagement Conference, January 23-24, 2019.
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Chapter 12 bankruptcy filings have been fairly stable over the past few quarters and have stabilized to around the same levels as when chapter 12 became a permanent fixture of the bankruptcy code in 2005. The US experienced elevated levels of chapter 12 filings towards the end of 2009 through mid-2012, but aside from the second quarter of 2017 there has not been a quarter with more than 150 chapter 12 bankruptcies filed and that is a good sign for the agricultural sector. In general, the second quarter, which consists of the period between April 1st and June 30th, is the quarter that...
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Discussion of the economic and political costs of US withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership. Published in "The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Public Affairs", and co-authored with Daniel Chow (Moritz School of Law, Ohio State) and William McGuire (University of Washington, Tacoma)
Presentation at the 2018 Agricultural Policy and Outlook Conference, November 2, 2018.
This report provides an outlook on agricultural lending and delinquencies for Ohio for fall 2018.
The United State Department of Agriculture (USDA), on August 30, forecasted U.S. net farm income for 2018 to decline 13% from last year, from $75.5 billion in 2017 to $65.7 billion in 2018 (USDA 2018). If realized, U.S. net farm income would decrease to levels witnessed in 2016 (Figure 1). This decline is even larger when we consider inflation-adjusted values, showing a 14.8% decrease in real U.S. net farm income. The USDA also made a similar downward forecast for U.S. net cash income. Net cash income is projected to drop 12% in 2018, from $104 billion in 2017 to $91.5 billion in 2018. These...
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Evaluation of WTO/Gatt and extent to which it will act as a constraint on economic nationalism. With Daniel Chow (Moritz College of Law, Ohio State) and William McGuire (University of Washington, Tacoma)
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Analysis of impact of science parks on productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises - also with Syed Hasan (Lahore University of Management)
This is the first edition of a new, semi-annual, agricultural outlook report by faculty and staff of AEDE.