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Growers who opt not to plant corn or soybeans this year because of consistently wet fields would be best off not leaving those fields bare, according to an expert at The Ohio State University.
Ed and Iwonne Schardein keep their only son’s ashes in an urn next to their TV set. In their sparsely decorated living room, the immense flat screen TV dwarfs everything else. “To this day I still expect him to walk through the door,” says Iwonne. Pictures of Casey hang on all four walls, his jovial smile framed by a scraggly beard and a baseball cap. The young man from Hope, Kansas, had just turned 26 when he died.
According to the United States’ original 1950 urban classifications, rural America is crushing it. It’s home to about as many people as urban America, and it’s growing faster. So why do headlines and statistics paint rural areas as perpetually in decline?
Soybeans may not seem all that useful in a war. Nonetheless they’ve become China’s most important weapon in its ever-worsening trade conflict with the U.S.
“Perhaps the interpretation is composting lets them off the hook emotionally from feeling bad about wasting food,” said Roe, a professor of agricultural, environmental, and developmental economics. “Composting is not a bad thing, but you’d prefer to not create the food waste in the first place. It’s going to have a lot more social and environmental benefits.”
ood supply each year. And in Franklin County, that amounted to 152,000 tons of food waste.
Dr. Ian Sheldon discusses whether tariff relief for farmers will be enough to help them weather the trade storm.
Ben Brown, manager of Ohio State's Ohio Farm Management Program and expert on the continuing trade war, has followed the trade war very closely because of his work with Ohio’s farmers. He says consumers may eventually have to pay the price.
Those commodities were highly dependent on Chinese markets, meaning the tariffs hit farmers in the Midwest hard, said Ian Sheldon, an agricultural economist at Ohio State University.
Ethanol production on the rise over the past few weeks.