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The Ohio State University Food Waste Collaborative expects around 300 million pounds of waste to go to our landfills this holiday.
AgriTalk's Chip Flory interviews AEDE faculty on issues related to agricultural trade, commodity markets and labor.
The university was the final stop on the show’s eight-part college roadshow, featuring students and faculty across the country who are making major advancements and contributions to the agricultural industry.
A combination of supply chain issues, gas prices and people buying a large amount of items out of fear is causing prices to rise.
The term "surplus" typically refers to having more of something than is actually needed or used. But what surplus actually means can vary quite a bit depending on different contexts. For example, a budget surplus is when the government takes in a higher amount of tax revenue than it spends. Since it has money left over, there's a budget surplus. But a surplus isn't always a good thing.
Eight AAEA members release new research tracking diversity and inclusion efforts in agricultural and applied economics departments.
Margaret Jodlowski provides insight into current trends in the labor market.
Brent Sohngen and Ian Sheldon discuss carbon markets at the 2021 Farm Science Review.
Brent Sohngen lays out the reasons for higher electricity prices, and it isn't renewable energy.
American University will now lead the first national academic research network on wasted food, with help from Ohio State researcher Brian Roe.