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High prices mostly due to short-term market phenomena related to the pandemic
Ohio consumers can expect to pay more at restaurants in the coming months thanks to rising salaries for restaurant and rising commodity prices.
Trees could absorb up to 16% of U.S. annual carbon dioxide emissions.
An antiquated regulation on milk freshness labeling is holding back the Pennsylvania dairy industry, state lawmakers say.
Women account for just 24% of all top income earners at US universities, according to a study from the Eos Foundation.
Don’t have enough to keep you up at night? Try this on for size.
Instead of finishing your leftovers, you let them go bad and buy takeout. It’s a familiar routine for many — and indicative of habits that contribute to a global food waste problem that a new United Nations report says needs to be better measured so that it can be effectively addressed.
Joyce Chen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at The Ohio State University and has published numerous papers but with three children at home due to the pandemic, Chen was forced to put her research projects on hold.
One of the first official acts of President Joe Biden was to re-enter the Paris Agreement, that 2015 pact among most of the world’s countries to continue down the path of reducing carbon emissions. Although there is excitement across the U.S. and the world about this action, there also is plenty of concern.
You would think that climate-influenced human migration, especially in Southeast Asia, would be away from coastal areas that will be flooded by sea level rise, especially those already experiencing greater flooding.