1. Livestock Judging Team Prepares Student for Purina Internship

    Jan 30, 2020

    Andrew Davis is an Agribusiness and Applied Economics major and a past member of the college’s Livestock Judging Team.  He says a few classes and experiences helped prepare him for his internship with Purina. A personal selling course provided insight into interpersonal communication and taught him to think on his feet. Traveling to some of the biggest and best livestock operations in the country with his judging team provided insight into animal nutrition, herd management and how to talk shop with producers.

  2. AEDE Grad Answers the Call to Adventure

    Dec 9, 2019

    Josh Davis recently graduated with a degree in Agribusiness and Applied Economics. Throughout his school career, he could have played it safe and remained in his internship with Nationwide until a full time position arose after graduation.  The previous summer and part-time throughout the school year, he had interned at the insurance giant as a Risk Management and Loss Control Specialist.  

  3. Elena Irwin Receives Award as One of Four Inaugural Distinguished Professors in CFAES

    Dec 9, 2019

    Dr. Elena Irwin, Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics (AEDE) and the Faculty Director of the Sustainability Institute at Ohio State, was selected as one of four Distinguised Professors of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. She received her Award Medallian January 10, 2020 at the College Staff Award Ceremony.

  4. Paying Countries for Carbon Protects Forests, but Only if Payments Continue

    Nov 20, 2019

    Fires ravaging the Amazon rainforests and global climate strikes have highlighted the need for global action to mitigate climate change and conserve forests. Though the situation can seem dire at times, there is good news from a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Carbon payments do protect forests and represent one solution to reversing the trend of global deforestation.

  5. AEDE Shines at North American Regional Science Conference

    Nov 20, 2019

    Ohio State University and particularly AEDE had a very large turnout of faculty, students, and past graduates at the North American Regional Science Conference (NARSC). Here is a summary of notable achievements:

  6. Ohio Farm Incomes Forecast to Rise—Again

    Oct 22, 2019

    Even during a growing season when 1.5 million fewer acres of soybeans and corn were planted in Ohio, average farm incomes in the state are likely to increase compared to last year, according to an agricultural economist with The Ohio State University.

    That’s primarily because of higher government payments made to farmers nationwide in 2019, said Ani Katchova, an associate professor and chair of the farm income enhancement program at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

  7. Ohio CAUV Values Projected to Decline Through 2020

    Oct 4, 2019

    The Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) program allows farmland devoted exclusively to commercial agriculture to be taxed based on their value in agriculture, rather than the full market value, resulting in a substantially lower tax bill for the farmer.

  8. Ohio Agricultural Loan Delinquencies Have Stabilized in 2019

    Oct 4, 2019

    Financial stress, expressed as the ability of farmers to repay loans, is important to follow during times of low farm income.  A new report “Ohio Agricultural Lending Outlook: Fall 2019,” published by Kevin Kim, Robert Dinterman, and Ani Katchova with the OSU AEDE’s Farm Income Enhancement Program, points to good news for Ohio farmers. The report provides information on agricultural loan volumes and delinquencies for Ohio farmers.

  9. Professor Katchova Completes Service as USDA Farm Income Forecast Review Panel Chair

    Oct 4, 2019

    AEDE Associate Professor Ani Katchova’s service as Chair of a USDA Review Panel ended this past summer when she and the rest of the panel members delivered their findings after a two-year long review of the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) Farm Income and Wealth Forecast Program.

  10. Saying Goodbye to Our Good Friend, Bill Swank

    Sep 24, 2019

    The department is saddened by the passing of Bill Swank, retired Executive Vice President of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, OSU alumnus, colleague, and friend. (1931-2019)

    Bill received his Bachelor of Science, Masters, and Doctorate from The Ohio State University. In 1995, an endowment was established to support the C. William Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Policy, honoring Bill for his outstanding leadership and vision in addressing rural and urban issues, and recognizing the need for objective analysis to promote the understanding and resolution of critical policy issues.