OSU Agribusiness Club 2012-1013 Year in Review
OSU Agribusiness Club 2012-2013 Year in Review
The Ohio State University's Agribusiness Club is comprised of students from different majors within Ohio State's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. In the 2012-2013 academic year, the Club had 58 student participants. This video was produced by the Club for the 2013 AEDE...
Ohio State University - Enviance Environmental March Madness Contest
Sustainability at Ohio State
Students making changes on the Ohio State campus and in the local community through sustainability initiatives. This video was produced for the Enviance Environmental March 2013 Madness Contest. Video production by Ohio State students Brianna Cooley, Ethan Palay and Melissa Prax.
Meet Sarah
This fourth generation Buckeye grew up with career ambitions in theatre, music and law. Now, as an Agribusiness and Applied Economics major, she's able to combine her loves and career aspirations of educating consumers and lawmakers about the importance of modern agriculture.
CRAE 2013 - Dr. Neil Reid
CRAE 2013: Swank Guest Speaker
Regions, Clusters, and Institutional Change: The Role of Universities, by Neil Reid, Ph.D., University of Toledo
CRAE 2013 - Dr. Linda Lobao
CRAE 2013: OARDC Guest Speaker
Poverty and Place across the United States: Subnational Disparities in Economic Well-being and Their Significance for Research and Policy, by Linda Lobao, The Ohio State University
CRAE 2013 - Dr. Philip McCann
CRAE 2013: NARSC Keynote Speech
The Economic Geography of Growth: Patterns, Challenges and Policy Implications, by Philip McCann, Ph.D., The University of Groningen
Recent Ohio State Graduates Embark on New Journey
Recent Ohio State Graduates Embark on New Journey
June 2011, graduates of The Ohio State University look back at their college experience and reveal their plans for the future. Learn what role Ohio State has played in their lives as they embark on a new journey. Emily Chappie, who received her bachelor's degree in Agribusiness and Applied...
Green Energy and Jobs
Green Energy and Jobs
Mark Partridge , Professor and Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Policy at The Ohio State University, talks about "green" policies and their relation to job growth.
Ohio in Prime Position to Fill Green Energy Gaps
Ohio in Prime Position to Fill Green Energy Gaps
Ohio should look to its roots in manufacturing – and its expertise in developing new technologies – to spur the state's job growth in the green economy, according to a new Ohio State University policy brief. " Making Green Jobs Work for Ohio ," was written by research assistant Amanda Weinstein and...
Ohio Must Take Steps Soon to Counter Shale Energy Boom/Bust Cycle
Countering the Shale Energy Boom/Bust Cycle in Ohio
Ohio needs to take steps to make sure that the State benefits from the shale energy boom in both the short and long-term, a new policy brief from The Ohio State University suggests. Without action, regions of the Buckeye State could enter a boom/bust cycle that would likely have long-lasting...