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Garrett Thomas internship
Internship leads to full time job for Garrett Thomas
Garrett Thomas internship leads to a full-time position.
Jessika Kronenberger intern video
Jessika Kronenberger
Dathel Nimmons Ag Supply Chain
Global supply chain in agribusiness
Want to learn more about how food moves through from the farm to the fork? AEDE lecturer Dathel Nimmons teaches Global Supply Chain in Agribusiness autumn 2021!
AEDE 2021 CFAES Distinguished Seniors
2021 Distinguished Seniors Ezekiel Miller and Todd Peterson
2021 CFAES Distinguished Seniors Award Celebration
2021 CFAES Distinguished Seniors Video
So proud of AEDE Distinguished Seniors Zeke Miller and Todd Peterson. They are so deserving of this prestigious honor.
Dr. Anna Park video
Dr. Anna Parkman
AEDE Lecturer Denise Kestner promo
AEDE Lecturer Denise Kestner
Agribusiness and Applied Economics Major at The Ohio State University
Agribusiness and Applied Economics Major
The Agribusiness and Applied Economics Major at The Ohio State University teaches students analytical and problem solving skills to work in the financial and agricultural industry.
Unemployment Rates Due to Co-VID 19: WaterCooler Economics Podcast
Unemployment Rates Rise Due to CO-VID 19
Master of Applied Economics (MAE)  Short version
Master of Applied Economics Program