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Dairy Policy Update:  We have released a new report titled "Goodlatte-Scott vs. Dairy Security Act: Shared Potential, Shared Concerns and Open Questions".  This report is a white paper which evaluates the many dimensions of the proposed modifications to the income support programs in the dairy title of the now debated farm bill legislation.  Specifically this paper takes a detailed look at the financial implications of the provisions of Goodlatte-Scott amendment and those provisions of the Dairy Security Act proposal.  If you are a U.S. dairy stakeholder, from production to consumption to taxpayer, this report is a must read.

You can access this report by clicking on the title:

Goodlatte-Scott vs. Dairy Security Act: Shared Potential, Shared Concerns and Open Questions

LGM-Dairy Margin Insurance Update:  For April 2013, there will be a new opportunity to purchase Livestock Gross Margin insurance.  If you are thinking about buying LGM, be sure to read the Journal of Dairy Science article at the following link: 

Mean-reversion in income over feed cost margins: Evidence and implications for managing margin risk by US dairy producers.


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