The Farm Income Enhancement Program in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics at The Ohio State University develops and delivers research, education, and outreach to enhance farm income and promote long-term stability for farm businesses. We conduct effectual research on issues and problems relating to sustainability of food, agricultural and environmental systems, as they relate to production, marketing, distribution and policy. Our goal is to enhance society’s understanding of farm income enhancement strategies for farm businesses.


On September 29th, the Ohio State University recognized its faculty members who hold endowed chair positions and the donors whose generous contributions fund these appointments. AEDE's Ani Katchova, who serves as Ohio State’s Farm...

Ani Katchova, AEDE Associate Professor and Ohio State’s Farm Income Enhancement Chair, presented at a Capitol Hill briefing on February 11, 2016 focused on “Dynamics of Farm Profitability: Factors Influencing the Decline in Income.” The briefing...


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In the Press

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