Graduate: Master's Programs


AEDE offers two master's programs: a Master of Applied Economics (MAE) and a Master of Science (MS). Both programs provide students with a strong grounding in microeconomic theory and quantitative analytical techniques. The MAE prepares students for careers as applied economists in government and business, is comprised of 31 credit hours of required and elective coursework, and requires no thesis or comphrehensive examination due to its professional focus. The MS is research-focused, prepares students for PhD programs in applied economics, and requires 31 credit hours and a final thesis.

Master of Applied Economics

The MAE is a professional master’s degree comprised of 31 credit hours and is designed to be completed in just two semesters. Students will take 6 required courses that provide a solid foundation in economic theory and develop advanced quantitative analysis skills. Students will also take 3 elective courses, with at least 2 of those being from AED Econ or Econ at the 6000-level or higher. See the MAE Curriculum for more details.

Master of Science

The MS is a research-oriented master’s degree that is intended for students planning to pursue a PhD program in the future or who would professional benefit from research training. See the MS Curriculum or the AEDE Graduate Handbook for more details.