Graduate: Masters Program


AEDE's Masters of Science (MS) Program provides students with a strong grounding in microeconomic theory and quantitative analytical techniques, preparing them for careers as applied economists in government and business.

Program Options

MS students must elect one of two degree options:

Under the Thesis option, a student must submit a master’s thesis that is approved by his/her Examination Committee and pass a final oral defense of the thesis.

Under the Non-Thesis option, a student must complete a shorter research paper that is approved by his/her Examination Committee, and pass a final one-hour oral examination of the research paper.  MS students are expected to elect the Non-Thesis option, unless they plan to pursue a PhD in an AEDE subject area, or related field, or would otherwise benefit professionally from an intensive research experience.

Program Duration

Full-time students are expected to complete all MS degree requirements in two semesters. However, a student may take longer, depending on the student’s long-term educational and professional objectives. Because the MS program requires that certain core courses be taken in sequence, regular admission typically is granted only with an autumn semester start date.

Course Requirements

The MS program requires a student to complete a minimum of 31 credit hours, including 19 credit hours in the following core courses.

Elective Courses

Students must take 14 total hours of electives, 9 of which must come from the following AEDE electives.  Five hours of elective coursework can come from thesis research or from electives in other disciplines.

Elective courses in other disciplines are offered by other Ohio State University graduate programs, including courses from the Department of Economics, Department of Geography, Department of Statistics, the Fisher School of Business, the Glenn School of Public Affairs, the College of Public Health, and various departments of foreign languages.

Admission Standards

It is recommended, but not required, that applicants to the MS program have earned:

  • A minimum grade point average of 3.1 on a 4 point scale in all previous undergraduate coursework, or equivalent; 
  • A minimum score of 156 on the quantitative portion of the Graduate Record Examination; and 
  • A minimum score of 153 on the verbal portion of the Graduate Record Examination.

Program Prerequisites

Prospective students whose undergraduate majors are in areas other than economics or business are welcome to apply. Entering MS students, however, are assumed to have successfully completed courses in Intermediate Microeconomics, Calculus, and Statistics. Students who have not successfully completed some or all of these courses may be admitted to the MS program provisionally, subject to conditions stipulated by the Director of Graduate Programs.

Preparation for PhD

MS students who perform exceptionally well are welcome to seek admission to the AEDE PhD program after completion of their second semester of study. Students who enter the MS program with firm expectations of continuing to the PhD program are strongly encouraged to take additional mathematics and statistics courses to prepare for the demands of the PhD program.