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A top 20 U.S. city. A top 20 U.S. university. A top ranked university department. Learn more about why you should study at AEDE.
The AEDE PhD program is globally recognized as a leader in the disciplinary areas of agricultural, environmental, and development economics. We also offer an MS program and several dual Masters degree options.
We offer two undergraduate degrees: Agribusiness and Applied Economics and a joint major with the School of Environment and Natural Resources in Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS).

Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

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With recent food price spikes impacting global food security and a growing reliance on emerging economies to produce our world’s agricultural supplies, encouraging greater discussion on the impact that genetically modified (GM) crops have had on agricultural productivity is important, recently...

Ian Sheldon, Ohio State's Andersons Professor of International Trade, recently organized and sponsored the theme day for the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium's (IATRC) 2014 annual meeting in San Diego, California. The day focused on “Food and Resources: Conflict and Trade."...

The Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) recently gathered for its annual meeting in Boston, MA from Jan 3-5, 2015 where AEDE was represented amongst the program participants. In conjunction with approximately 55 associations in related disciplines, ASSA holds a three-day meeting each...